The Best Botox Toronto Offers


The Best Botox Toronto Offers

What is Botox all About?

How Does Botox Work?

With or without the factors of aging, we can still develop fine lines with the use of our facial expressions. Botox injections target the facial muscles to reduce creases and wrinkles. The injections are safely inserted by our certified nurses into the muscles of the face to safely freeze the contractions from occurring.

Although, results are not immediate after the procedure, it only takes up to a week to notice the transformation. The effect of Botox treatments can last for months, it all depends on how it dissolves, and the number of units used.

This highly recommended procedure reduces fine lines and wrinkles dramatically, leaving you with our Be Youthful touch. The best Botox Toronto has in store is right here at our clinic, don’t look elsewhere for youthful radiance.

Here Are the Main Steps Our Botox Toronto Injectors Take to Perform the Procedure:

– We will start with a consultation the same day of your appointment or on a separate day to examine the areas you want to target and the areas in which we notice will need treatment.

– At the appointment we will have a chair for you to sit in that is on a slight angle.

– Before we start injections, the aesthetician will prep your face with a cleaning solution to get rid of any excess dirt that remains on the skin.

– According to your consultation and the recommendation of our nurse, the appropriate amount of Botox will be prepared.

– The aesthetician will then safely and gently inject the Botox into the face using a small needle.

– The procedure is a moderately low-pain experience, it usually depends on the patient’s pain tolerance.

– The treatment lasts about 15 minutes or more depending on the regions injected.

– It will take up to 3-4 days post-procedure to notice the Botox taking effect.

Lets chat about HOW botox COULD WORK FOR YOU!

Our team of medical aestheticians are certified injectors that have been performing Botox treatments for over a decade.

Which Areas of the Face and Body Can Be Treated with Botox?

Glabella: The area in between the eyebrows can develop creases that become deeper overtime. This can make the person appear older, angry, sad, or frustrated.

Crows Feet: These are horizontal lines that spread out from the corners of the eyes. When smiling or laughing these lines can become significantly more noticeable.

Frontalis: These group of muscles contribute to the horizontal lines on the forehead. Over time these lines become deep creases. 

Underarms: The underarms are treated when an individual suffers from hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating). Botox is a great solution for this concern.

Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ): Is a medical condition that causes severe pain at the jaw. It can be a genetic disorder or caused by clenching or grinding of the teeth.    

Are there Any Side Effects Related with Botox Treatments?

Side effects from Botox injections are rare, however; the possible effects may include:

  • Minor pain during the injections
  • Slight headache or tension
  • Bruising, swelling, or redness
  • Temporary drooping of the eyelids or eyebrows

Our Botox Toronto experts will outline everything about the treatment prior to the procedure.

Frequently asked questions

Are Botox injections painful?

The procedure is not as painful as it seems. Most of our patients encounter a short period of discomfort during the treatment, but once the procedure is done the pain does not persevere.

Can I expect immediate results?

Each patient has a different experience. It can usually take up to a week to notice the effects of Botox. In some cases, it can even take up to two weeks for final results.

Is Botox Permanent?

The results of Botox are not permanent but can last up to six months most of the time. Depending on how the Botox is absorbed, the lasting effects can vary. Some may need to maintain the treatment every 3-4 months while others undergo the treatment every six months or longer.

Is the treatment safe?

If the procedure is performed by our certified Botox injectors, then the treatment is completely safe. Additionally, the treatment is also FDA approved for cosmetic use.

Is there anything I have to do to prepare for Botox?

Typically, a week or so before the treatment our medical practitioners will advise patients to hold back from drinking alcohol or taking specific supplements to avoid bruising post-procedure. Consult with our Botox Toronto specialists for more information.

Is it true Botox can help my excessive sweating condition?

Yes, it is true, the Botox is injected to block the nerve signals responsible for sweating. This halts the sweat glands from producing more sweat than usual. Periodic maintenance is usually required every 4-6 months depending on how the nerves revive.

How do I know how much Botox I need for my face?

Factors such as age are considered as well as the deepness of the creases. Depending on the region of the face some areas might require more or less units of Botox.

Can I resume normal activities after my Botox treatment?

After receiving Botox injections, you should wait at least four hours before laying down so that you don’t experience excessive swelling or having the Botox move to other muscles instead of the muscles that were primarily injected.

The Finest Youthful, Regenerating Treatment

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